2016. 9.  Launched Brand, Opened Seong-San 1 Branch, Korea

2017. 9.  Opened 100th Branch

2017. 12.  Opened 127th Branch (Currently opening 10~15 stores per month)

2018. 2.  Opened Malaysia 1 Branch

2018. 9.  Opened Malaysia 4 Branch

2019. 1.  Opened Veitnam 1 Branch

2019. 3.  Opened Malaysia 5 Branch

2019. 4.  Opened 310th Branch

The Best Cost-Effectiveness Brand

Enjoy with Chicken, Rice, Topokki etc

Strength of Brand

Chicken Plus combines a variety of top quality Chicken, topokki and other side menus.

It is a chicken brand made in the sense that it provides foods to enjoy with the best cost-effectiveness.

Enjoy the best foods with the plus menus in Chicken Plus+!!

High-Quality Foods

∨ The Highest quality chicken made by R&D expert!
∨ A delicious Topokki developed by the founder of famous Topokki brand!
∨ Delicious Italian-style thin pizza made by many pizza expert!!

호로록 떡볶이

The Best Cost-Effectiveness

∨ Lower prices than other franchise brands
∨ becomes cheaper when order quantity increases to Cheap Plus set

Fresh Ingredients

∨ Use the freshest ingredients for daily delivery nationwide


A Thorough Quality Control System

∨ Provide safe food by constructing
∨ CP-quality management system

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